Jingle Bells by James Pierpont and Jade Goegebuer (Illustrator)

Natalia Heaney

Jingle Bells by James Pierpont and Jade Goegebuer (Illustrator)

Take a Ride in a One Horse Open Sleigh
The classic Christmas carol comes to life in this beautifully illustrated edition of Jingle Bells. Originally written in 1857 for the Thanksgiving season, Jingle Bells has become a beloved Christmas song sung by young and old alike. In this edition, delicate watercolor images are paired with the text to bring the delight of the holiday season to young readers.

Jingle Bells by James Pierpont and Jade Goegebuer (Illustrator)

This book is what it says on the cover: James Pierpont’s 19th century carol lyrics, matched with illustrations by Jade Goegebuer that are definitely best viewed in paperback form. Again, the illustrations follow the current trend for childlike images in children’s books.

I’m going to be honest: I’m not sure I knew half of the words to this song! We all know the chorus, and probably the first verse, but I’d need…

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