Meet & Greet

Bookish Meet & Greet

I love sharing other people’s stuff! These blog posts/articles about books and reading either made me think or gave me a smile. Go ahead, check them out yourself!

Next, share a link in the comments to a book related blog post, or even someone who always rights about books or reading, children all the way up to adult! Let’s share the love!

And lastly, are you reading any good books? Please tell us about it!

Feel free to re-blog, share on FB, Twitter, etc…. The more it’s shared, the more exposure these bloggers get! 🙂

  1. Books to Grow Your Empathy (Best of Recently)
  2. Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag
  3. Great Library Books
  4. The Read-Aloud Dilemma
  5. Sunday Funnies!
  6. It’s Alive!
  7. First Lines Fridays #8



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