Summer Reading

My Own Book Club

My husband and I left NY state and headed to the in-laws in Michigan for a week on July 1st. It was a wonderful week! We did lots of things, saw his friends and extended family, and just had a general wonderful time! You can find those adventures HERE!

What I wanted to share, though, was about my 9 yo niece and 8 yo nephew, Molly and Remi. Now, Molly LOVES to read just as much as me. She always has a book to read at grandma’s house. Remi, not so much. But he’s recently found some books that are easy so he likes them.

Last Thursday, they came over while their parents were both at work. I watched them most of the day while my husband and father-in-law worked on his classic car. At one point we all went outside. Remi played some baseball by himself for a while, Molly joined in, then they both came and sat beside me, where I was reading a Merlin book. Molly had brought her book outside and it was on the table where we were. Remi decided to go get his too so we could all read together. I love these kids!

July 2017


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