Top Five Fictional Librarians & Booksellers by Anna James

Miss Cleveland is reading...

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome Anna James to my blog today for my stop on the Pages & Co Blog Tour, talking about her favourite fictional librarians and booksellers…


Bookwandering is the ability to literally travel inside of books; but in the world of Pages & Co this can only happen inside bookshops or libraries, where the power of books is at its most potent. Apart from inside books, most of the story takes place in two main settings; Pages & Co bookshop, where my heroine Tilly lives, and the British Underlibrary, a secret library which is the hub of British bookwandering.

I love books about bookshops and libraries, and booksellers and librarians, although librarians are often ill-served in books and pop culture. I wanted to write some librarians who weren’t just shush-ing clichés, which is why I created Amelia Whisper, the Chief Librarian at the Underlibrary…

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