Our May Reads

A Homeschool Mom


How can it possibly be the end of May? Didn’t this month just begin! No matter how often I tell myself things will slow down near the end of the school year, we never seem to make it. In fact, it always seems more busy than ever. This has been a fun month of reading, learning, exploring, and increasing in wisdom. May’s list has a few new books to hit the market, picture books, and others which added to our learning fun. As usual, all of our reads were an adventure!

We’ve broken down the list into categories and included our personal rating from zero to five stars. To read more about a particular book, simply click the title!

Picture Books:

  • A Year Full of Stories (Angela McAllister) ⭐⭐⭐ – This treasury of 52 stories collects together a rich resource of myths, fairy tales and legends from around the curious_crittersworld, with…

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WhatIf Monster Book & Plush (Video and Links)

Do you have a worry wart? Whenever Jonathan James finds himself in a new situation, he hears his Whatif Monster asking all kind of questions to stop him trying something new: What if it’s scary? What if they laugh? What if it’s hard?  Finally, Jonathan James has some questions of his own: What if they don’t? What if it isn’t? What then?

WhatIf Monster book

WhatIf Monster plush


Bookworm Confessions: Weirdest Things I’ve Used as Bookmarks Continued

Spellbound Librarian

This is my second post on this topic, I have continued to use really odd things as bookmarks and you guys really seemed to enjoy the first post. So, I thought I’d share some more weird things I’ve used as bookmarks.  If you didn’t see the first post I’ll link it here: Weirdest Things I’ve Used as Bookmarks, if you wanted to check it out.

I often find myself needing to save a page in a book I’m reading but I very rarely have an actual bookmark. I think I’ve owned a few over my reading lifetime, but I often misplace them and don’t have one on hand in the crucial moment. So I thought I’d share for the second time some weird things I’ve used as a bookmark!

Another Book’s Dust Jacket

As I mentioned in my last post, Do You Read With the Dust Jacket On?, I always…

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B is for Bedtime (Video and Link)

This timeless before-bed classic is a soothing meander towards the end of an evening. Beautifully told in gentle rhythmic verse, it leads us through a charming A-to-Z bedtime routine. What kid do you know that needs this bedtime story?

B is for Bedtime


The Great American Read! ~ #GreatReadPBS

By Hook Or By Book


PBS has launched its eight-part series about 100 of America’s most loved novels/series (chosen by a survey of readers), tonight with a two-hour special. I know I’m late sharing this, but c’mon! Stop whatever you’re doing right now and turn on your local PBS station! If you can’t, more themed episodes will be airing in the Fall. This summer the host of Read, Meredith Viera, will be traveling all over the country visiting authors and bibliophiles. There will also be a multi-platform initiative which is to involve social media, live public events, and national book clubs. And, you can vote for your favorite fiction novel(s) from the top 100 finalists by visiting PBS every day, all summer long!


The list is truly eclectic ranging from children’s classics like Anne of Green Gables, by LM Montgomery; and Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White, to popular modern novels like Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer; The Stand,

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Cuddle Bear (Video and Links)

Meet Cuddle Bear – the unforgettable hero with hugs for everyone! If, like lion, panda, penguin or elephant, you’re feeling sad or lonely, never fear! Cuddle Bear has plenty of hugs to go around. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or tall, short or small, there’s one for every size!

A very sweet picture book for any kid or kid at heart! Who needs one?

Cuddle Bear book


Book and Plush