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Christmas Stories for Little Children (Video and Link)

This will definitely be a keepsake for years to come!

A collection of six stories, featuring stories of fake Santas, stolen diamonds and a best-dressed Snowman competition. Perfect for cozying up with and reading aloud on cold winter nights, or for beginner readers to tackle alone. With jolly illustrations by Philip Webb. Does this need to go on your bookshelf for Christmas storytelling?
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Peek Inside Animal Homes (Video and Links)

All of the normal Peek Inside books are non-fiction, and so fun! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Lots of flaps to lift to learn more information about the book’s topic! Which of these titles would be a hit in your home?

Also in this series:

Fairy Tales:
Beauty and the Beast
Little Red Riding Hood
Sleeping Beauty

Peek inside burrows, hives and treetops, and even under the sea, to find all kinds of animals in their homes.

Animal Homes

Peek Inside Box Set

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100 Birds to Fold & Fly (Video & Links)

100 full-color, tear-out sheets featuring stylish bird artwork – simply tear a page out and follow the simple folding instructions (featured on gatefolds at the front and back of the book) to create one of four different decorative origami birds that fly.

We also have 100 Paper Planes, 100 More Paper Planes, 200 Paper Planes (those 2 combined), 100 Dragons, and 100 Spaceships.

My husband couldn’t resist getting his hands on these paper birds! Check out the video and how simple and easy and fun they are! Which type (planes, dragons, spaceships, or birds) would your household enjoy?

100 Birds to Fold and Fly

100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

100 More Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

200 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

100 Dragons to Fold and Fly

100 Spaceships to Fold and Fly

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Friends From Childhood

Growing up, I was really shy. And I loved reading. So books took the place of friends for awhile. And the girls in these 6 books were some of the best people to “hang out with”! I’ve read these books over and over through the years and each time I do, there’s a little something new I find out. Have you read any of these? What are you opinions on these books and the main characters?


Summer Reading

Continue Learning in the Summer


Some of these statistics are surprising! Do you agree? How do you keep your kids minds busy during the summer months with no school? If you go adrift in the summer, sometimes it takes a while to get back in the swing of things once school starts back up!


Welcome to Usborne Books – Newborn to Young Adult Books!

I just started a new blog for my book business! If you like to read or have someone in your life that likes to read (you have to know at least 1 adult or kid that likes to read! haha) join me on this adventure!

I’ll be sharing videos I make of inside of the books, literacy tips, new releases, book and reading articles from online, and just lots of bookish things!

Up top on the home page on the menu bar you’ll find:

  • my About page, where I go into detail on what Usborne books are
  • my Contact page, where you can contact me if you’d like me to help you find books, you’d like to host a Facebook party, join, or have any other questions
  • my Book Videos page, where you’ll find Youtube videos I’ll upload of books as I make them
  • my direct link to Browse Books on my website
  • my direct link to my Facebook VIP Group
  • my direct link to my Instagram, which is just for my Usborne business

Please share this post and spread the word on the exciting things to come over here!