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Proverbs From Around the World (Video and Link)

Love to color? Love a good proverb? Check out these 24 poster size pages to color and tear out! I love adult coloring books and may have 1….. or 10….. Do you neeeeeeeed this? Great for teens and adults alike!

Proverbs From Around the World


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Usborne Book Party Invite

We’ve been busy reading a ton of new books, and we have to share them with you!!!

Many of you reach out to ask when I’m having my next Usborne book party, and I have great news! I’m throwing a party NEXT WEEK to share all the newest titles (plus some Halloween and Christmas books!) 

It gets better… this is a mystery host party!!! One lucky guest will win all the rewards and get to go on an amazing shopping spree after the party!

Who wants to be included to see all the new books and possibly win? Just click this link to RSVP! It’s on a site called Sqweee, so anyone can join in, as long as you have an email, and a US shipping address.

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Anne of Green Gables (Video and Link)

The classic Anne of Green Gables story (complete and unabridged), with absolutely beautiful illustrations throughout! I grew up reading the whole series and when we came out with this edition, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Link to get it is below!

Anne of Green Gables

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What a Wonderful Word (Video and Link)

Did you know there is a word for friends who are like family? And for searching for something in the water using only your feet? This collection of untranslatable words from all over the world celebrates the magic of language, with gorgeous original artwork and fascinating facts about each word and the culture it comes from.
If you think all Usborne books are for kids, you have to check this one out. I got this for myself.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Deserves a Medal

the orang-utan librarian

Hello all! I know I’ve not been online much this week, it’s been a crazy one, but I have what will hopefully be a very fun review to make up for my absence. I was in need of a bit of relaxation recently, so decided to pick up the Percy Jackson series. Though I read the first one about a year ago and did do a mini review for it, I decided to rework the review here, so that you could get my thoughts for the series as a whole. Plus I had a few more thoughts, now I’d read the whole thing.

percy jackson lightning thiefThe Lightning Thief– the first thing that struck me about the Lightning Thief is how much I wish I’d read this series when I was younger. I loved the inventiveness and how it presented the gods in a modern, yet awe-inspiring fashion. This was most apparent…

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